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Premiere: September 14th, 2019

Runtime: 90 minutes

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SPEC is contextualized by research surrounding the scientific study of perception, spectatorship, and the spectacle of performance. Although presently adapted for traditional, proscenium stage viewing, the work was first presented as an installation that split the theatre into two. Door I enabled an unencumbered view of the ongoing dance performance; Door II provided an obscured and hindered view of the performance. Telephones connected both sides, providing any who obliged the opportunity to discuss what was sensed and seen in as much detail as possible. 


Premiere: March 29th 2019 | Trinity Laban Studio Theatre | London, England

Runtime: 17 minutes

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Crush is a duet that challenges perception - especially regarding how choreography is perceived. This piece is geared towards teaching children dance and music composition. Using music to relay and to manipulate meaning, a choreographer guides the audience through the process of creating a dance while finding surprises and illuminating truths along the way.

Premiere: May 31st 2019 | Spotlight Creative Youth Performance Theatre | London, England

Runtime: 8 minutes

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Denuo. (Latin) again. Contracted from dē novo, "from new"


Denuo was constructed over a three-week choreographic residency made possible by The Aspire Project and the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation. Discussions surrounding accessibility in dance training, dance performance, and dance presentation elicited movement material that often passed through multiple bodies before settling on the presented form. 


Premiere: September 14th 2019 as part of Ways of Seeing | Bodyvox Theatre | Portland, Oregon

Runtime: 30 minutes

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Thread is inspired by the variant apparel required in dance rehearsals within various dance industries. A Ballet dancer’s tight-fitting leotard reveals the body, illuminating line and form. A contemporary dancer’s loose-fitting clothing emphasizes movement process over shaped product and supports the use of floor work. Utilizing apparel to choreographically generate and stylistically define movement choices, Thread explores the subliminal and practical connections between tactility and movement. This solo sits as a personal reference to consistent search of and anticipation towards finding the correct “fit” within the dance industry. In constant transition, the dance interweaves between structures, shapes, and forms of movement, forcing the spectator to "thread" their own narrative.


Premiere: June 14th & 15th 2019 | Romantso Cultural Center | Athens, Greece

Original Composition: Amy Summers

Performed September 14th 2019 as part of Ways of Seeing | BodyVox Theatre | Portland, Oregon



Beacon explores the English idiom "beacon of hope" through examining the action of resilience. The work seeks to commemorate the endeavor of overcoming challenges by celebrating the joyful effort that follows a state of weakness.

Premiere: March 3rd & 4th 2018 | Bodyvox Theatre | Portland, Oregon

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