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TOTAL FEAR is a horror dance-theatre production based on research of Total Theatre and the process of generating fear for stage through live dance and theatrical performance. TOTAL FEAR is the capstone project of Katie Burks’ graduate research at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography. This project holds steadfast to the belief that even in global pandemic, the show must always go onThank you for supporting the performing arts, and for choosing to experience TOTAL FEAR.

The live stream of this production includes elements of movement, lighting, and sound that were formatted for live presentation and not for screen or video. Computer, telephone, or tablet speakers alone cannot facilitate the sound of TOTAL FEAR. 

For the best viewing experience, plug in headphones or high-grade speakers and place your viewing device in a pitch black room. 

(Watching TOTAL FEAR alone in your closet is highly recommended.)

For the most exceptional viewing experience, end COVID and view this production live.

Burks Total Fear.jpg
Burks Total Fear.jpg


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