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Katie Burks is an American dancer, choreographer, theatrical creator, and educator
who has been privileged to perform, teach, and present choreography and performance work across the USA and internationally. Katie is also proud to be the Founder and Executive Director of Artists Sans Frontières, a nonprofit that provides performing arts outreach, enrichment, and entertainment for all ages in areas impacted by war, violence, disaster, and economic disparity.

To view performance, production, choreographic, and/or educational work,

hover over the Work menu button at the top of the screen.

  • Recent Projects (That I Think Are Pretty Cool)
    Celebrating Hope Warsaw, Poland | May 2023 Performance concert for residents of CPH Modlinska, Ukrainian refugee humanitarian aid center bringing together international performing artist dancers, musicians, and actors, and providing performance opportunity for children residents of the center Burden Warsaw, Poland | July 2022 Artists Sans Frontières partnered with The Glitch Project (London) to produce ASF's first residency-based immersive dance theatre work supporting performing artists from Ukraine and Belarus TOTAL FEAR Global | October 30th 2020 Horror dance-theatre production based on Total Theatre and the process of generating fear for dance and theatrical stage Ways of Seeing Portland, OR | September 14th 2019 Creator. 90-minute benefit dance production based on research of perception and accessibility which raised approximately $3,000 for local non-profit The Aspire Project Creative Dance Workshop Wenzhou, China | July 5-8th 2019 Teaching Artist. Four-day Creative Dance and Choreography workshop organized by UK-China Performing Arts Greenwich Music Time Festival London, England | July 2nd 2019 Performer, Boundless Skies; Instructor, Painting the Sky - an adaptation of Boundless Skies through dance and music composition workshops held with 40+ Primary School students and musician Richard Navarro Spatial Performance Festival Athens, Greece | June 14– 15th, 2019 Choreographer and Performer, Processing (in collaboration with AAIS) and solo work Thread (world premiere) as part of Interdisciplinary Festival presented by Gesamtatelier
  • Companies + Individuals That Hired Me (Some Even Paying Actual Money)
    AAIS - Architectural Interprofessional Studios | London, OR Performance Projects, 2018-2019 Leoné Dance Theatre | Portland, OR One Year Contract, 2017- 2018 Founding Member, Rehearsal Director Fault Line Dance | Portland, OR One Year Contract, 2016-2017 Founding Member, Executive Assistant to Artistic Director Eliza Larson Attack Theatre | Pittsburgh, PA Independent Contractor, Teaching Artist, Dancer 2011 - 2014 Game Night and the Seven-Minute Dance Series, annual productions of The Dirty Ball Zoe Bennett | New York, NY Performance Project, 2014 Distilled Vinegar reconstructed at Dixon Place Shen Wei Dance Arts | New York, NY Performance Project, 2012 Undivided Divided presented at North Carolina Museum of Art Repertory Dance Companies I and II | Dallas, TX Educational, 2007-2009 Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Additional Artists That Put Up With Me (Both On and Offstage)
    Those Gracious Enough To Let Me Perform Their Work: ​ Camille A. Brown, Sand | Peter Chu, Smell Memory with Nine | Bill T. Jones via Stuart Singer, Chapel Chapter | Larry Keigwin, Angels of Anxiety | Jessica Lang, Prayers | Mark Morris via Elisa Clark, Polka and Bedtime | Judith Leifer-Bentz, 9 Minutes | Solveig Santillano, Faces of Trafficking | Kate Skarpetowska, Tidal Intersections | Twyla Tharp, Treefrog in Stonehenge | Christopher Vo, On The Cusp and Remembrance ​ ​ Those Gracious Enough to Teach Me: ​ Doug Bentz | Mr. Robert Battle | Elisa Clark | Dr. Rosanne Cox | Sue Darrow | Michele de la Reza | Melissa Glasgow | Mark Haim | Ms. Gerri Houlihan | Dr. Linda James | Peter Kope | Eliza Larson | Garfield Lemonius | Jason McDole | Ariane Reinhart | Kyle Richards | Laura Stilwell | Jeannie Strain | Tony Thatcher | Deborah Weaver | Lee Ann Strain-Whittington | Lily Weiss | Sara Wookey | Jesse Zaritt | and so many more...
  • Education (Schools I’ll Be Financing Forever)
    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance | London, England Master of Fine Arts in Choreography Programme Leader: Tony Thatcher Point Park University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in Dance, cum laude 2013 Artistic Director: Susan Stowe Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts | Dallas, Texas Artistic Director: Lilly Weiss

The Closest Thing to a CV
This American Will Ever Provide

Anything more is an adventure to discover -

I hope your life is twice as wild and truly as wonderful as mine.



I find I spend most of my time rampaging about the fact that the performing arts are essential - to emotional well-being and stability, to humanitarian aid, and to existence and life itself. (I should clarify that while my arts rampages may feel exactly the same as any rampage of Adam Reed’s Archer, mine tend to function with significantly less arms fights, prolific explosions, and casualties. I mean… mostly. I will never pass up a good explosion.) ​ Practically speaking, maintaining a full-time career in sarcasm keeps me extensibly busy, much less juggling a creative career alongside starting and developing a performing arts nonprofit. Wrap all three together with a big shiny bow, and you’ve got a pretty decent idea of what consumes most of my time, energy, effort, and sanity these days. (And why my sleep is lacking.) But doing so also keeps me incredibly humble and grateful - for the experiences that come from pursuit of passion, the jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring people that come into my life because of the arts and all that entails creating, and for the ability to share that same passion with anyone that will allow… be it via rampage, kind communication, or finding creative mediums in between.  As I inhabit and experience the unforeseen adventure that is pursuit of creativity, and as someone who crafts live performances, I don't have many strict rules or guidelines that I follow regarding creating, devising, or collaborating. Most choreographers and directors, same as myself, work instinctively. Sure, their - and my - process is underpinned by an almost obscene amount of research, education, and practical experience in the medium(s) of chosen expression. That, and the the requirement to articulate at least something in order to accrue funding and grant assistance to create and sustain. But all in all, I’ve found that at least a third of all performing arts creators - Choreographers, Directors, even a handful of music and theatrical Producers - are completely incapable of articulating the root of what they’re after through words. They’ll certainly try. Any with a sense of humor will let that person continue to fail in doing so before finally stepping in with their expert medium to help. But more often than not, it’s through sound effects, drawings, or physical movement that what a creative wants, desires, and believes can be fully articulated. This is especially true for dancers and dance-makers, and before any other title, I am a dancer through and through. ​ Most simply put, If you're looking to get to know me, the best way to do so is through my work. Please stalk anything on this website or on ASF's website linked above - I invite and implore you to explore to your heart's content. If possible, please come see a show, showing, or performance in-person. There will almost always be a post-show Q&A to hear about the work, the team, and the choices made throughout creating the project itself. And if the 18 paragraphs of text doesn't make this inherently apparent, I love to talk! Please also feel free to contact me to chat via email, video, or to grab a meal in-person and ask me anything you want. I'm notoriously terrible at responding quickly, but I'll eventually reply nonetheless. ​ I hope to hear from you soon, but until I do, I wish you the best.  Cheers, Katie Burks

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