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Pictured: Teaching Dance and Music Composition in London, England

Competitive Dance Solos + Private Lessons


Ainsleigh knocks every style of dance out of the park, and this solo was no exception. It was a pleasure to incorporate her acting and performance skills into the voice work of the sound score - much less to find moves and pathways that challenged her while still showcasing her phenomenal (and exceptionally mature) technique. 


After countless hours of training and private lessons for a coveted space on her High School drill team, overachiever Macy didn't just make the team, she made JV Captain! Macy continued to surprise and impress by choreographing her own solo the next term. I was honored to mentor the process of Cry and am still so proud of the outcome.

Get in touch to inquire about hourly private lesson rates, Choreography rates, mentorship, and more.

Technique Classes + Recital Dances

From Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement to Tap/Jazz fundamentals to Hip Hop, I've taught just about every dance style.
My absolute favorite recital dances are below (both Modern) and I'm so dang proud of the dancers in them.

All is Soft Inside

13 - 18-year-old Senior Company Modern Technique Class, 2022

Modern Carolers

7 - 10-year-old Recreational Modern Dance Technique Class, 2021

Instructor Dances

Dancing alongside faculty and mentors is so special, but the greatest thing about Instructor dances is coming together to humble a bunch of kiddos by sassing them just as they sass us and stating, "See?! We're all out here working as a team, dancing together! And we're not complaining! IT'S POSSIBLE!" Thankfully, they don't hear the groans (or obscene phrases) a bunch of old people mutter to get to the point of "stage-ready."


The finale number of ASF's Celebration of Hope Concert, this piece included Humanitarian Aid Center Staff, Administrators, Shelter Educators, and refugee children residents. To their credit, all knocked out learning and doing in only two rehearsals (of about 20 minutes!)

I Will Always Love You

Hands-down the most special Instructor Dance to me personally,
The Aspire Project's 2017 Recital included an all-star faculty cast of dear friends, movement set to Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You, and costumes that at least one of us still wears to this day.

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