I have a slight obsession with the sky, but truthfully I love all of nature. I especially love the weather and the drastic diversity and power of this beautiful planet's atmosphere.

 I also love to write - so much so that I've been advised to begin a travel blog to document my stories and excursions. (If you have strong thoughts about travel writing, please share them!) 


I'm currently planning a significant change in scenery that will most likely necessitate far more adventure content. 

Until my plans solidify and my actions enable that statement to come true, one fact remains certain:

I am fueled by nature.

katie burks adventure explore nature

Fueled by Nature

Powered by Adventure

I've made a hobby of touring friends and family along my favorite metropolitan haunts or off-grid adventure spots, but COVID put a damper in my professional tour guide aspirations. Regardless, It remains worth noting that dances aren't the only things I choreograph - I'm pretty decent at arranging adventures too! (Forced experience in producing and event planning as a direct result of a dance career tend to help.)

Two Things I Am:

1. Looking to explore a new biome

2. Well-versed in the reality that adventures lasting longer than 24 hours tend to bring out every side of a person

One thing I am not:


Have you ever spent 24+ hours on a plane, train, bus, rental car, and/or on foot (for example from London to Eastern China) and watched a grown-*** woman entirely loose her **** over something as menial as a can of hairspray simply because... travel?  I have.

Travel and adventure are amazing, but they also take great effort. If you don't love planning as much as I do,

maybe I can help.