I have a slight obsession with the sky, but truthfully I love all of nature.

I especially love the weather and the drastic diversity and power of this beautiful planet's atmosphere.

 I also love to write - so much so that I've been advised to begin a travel blog to document my stories and excursions.


(If you have strong thoughts about travel writing, please share them!) 

katie burks adventure explore nature

Fueled by Nature

Katie Burks adventure explore nature

Powered by Adventure

Movement isn't the only thing I choreograph - I often find myself touring friends and family through my favorite metropolitan haunts and off-grid adventure spots. 

(Forced experience in producing and event planning as a direct result of a dance career tends to help.) Suffice to say, I'm no stranger to arranging group activities.

Two Things I Am:

1. Looking to explore a new city and/or biome

2. Well-versed in the reality that adventures lasting longer than 24 hours tend to bring out every side of a person

One thing I am not:


Have you ever spent 24+ hours on a plane, train, bus, rental car, and/or on foot (for example from London to Eastern China) and watched a grown-*** woman entirely loose her **** over something as menial as a can of hairspray simply because... travel?  I have.

Travel and adventure are amazing, but they also take great effort. If you don't love planning as much as I do,

maybe I can help.