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From ASF's Instagram: Each day, ASF NGO’s founder @katiebburks led a group warm up / short class. (Post-Covid, this was a treasure in and of itself!) With incredibly diverse backgrounds from contemporary dance to theatre to ballet, we used this time to find commonality & togetherness but still maintain our individual ways to go about things. Founder of @thegl.itchproject @juliagyulai is a native Hungarian who was raised with stories & iterations of the Russian invasion of Hungary in the 1950s. She proposed the concept of creating a visual representation of the generational impact that the Russian-Ukrainian war will create. We spoke about the current effects of war + the lasting effects of crisis. We agreed this was an important concept to address. Then, guided by faith and magic, we managed to find concrete bricks hidden in the very room of the aid center where we rehearsed! We spent a day or two developing many things with the bricks, including a movement-based exploration of our relationship to a personal generational burden; how to transcend presenting the idea of “burden” to an audience without being hyper-conceptual or spoon feeding a narrative; and thoughts, questions, and feelings about representing this concept in our current environment. We couldn’t have asked for a more incredible outcome—from the serendipity of finding brick after brick outside the center to share with our audience, to the spectacular lighting of the sunset, to the later knowledge that our plan to bring the audience into a circle as an ending coincides with a Ukrainian tradition of celebration by placing a person in the middle of the circle and dancing around them. Things simply fell into place, and the audience laughed, cried, thanked, cursed, blessed, and questioned- but mostly, all came together. Through dance, music, and theatre, we all experienced something truly unforgettable. ♥️

Number of Dancers: 4

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premiere: July 22nd 2022

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