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Portrait of Humans

Created in partnership with AAIS (Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio) London, 

Portrait of Humans is an interdisciplinary performance work in critique of technological overconsumption.


Combining elements of movement, projection mapping, architecture, costume design, and sound design, the audience interactively experiences a multifaceted event in London's renowned Stone Nest performance space.

"In a deconstructed landscape of future visions and past theories, the experimental performance installation investigates the notion of what is human in our ever changing world. Through a durational performance, audiences are invited to enter, move around, and explore the space."  -Program notes


Number of Performers: 4

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premiere: March 14+15 2019

Venue: Stone Nest | London, England

Score: Li'er Chen


Projection, Architecture, Costume, and Sound Design by Nasha Bahasoean, Li'er Chen, Denghui Lian, Yuan Gu, Aijin Ying.

Choreographaphy by Katie Burks, Iris Athanasiadi, Zjana Muraro, Ania Straczynska.


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