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Thread is inspired by the variant apparel required for dance rehearsals and insisted upon within various dance industries. A ballet dancer's tight-fitting leotard reveals the body, illuminating line and form. A contemporary dancer's loose-fitting clothing emphasizes movement process over shaped product and supports the use of floor work. Utilizing apparrel to choreograhpically generate and stylistically define movement choices, Thread explores the subliminal and practical connections between tactility and movement. This solo sits as a personal reference to consistent search of and anticipation towards finding the corect "fit" within the dance industry. In constant transition, the dance interweaves between structures, shapes, and forms of movement, forcing the spectator to thread their own narrative. 


Number of Dancers: 1

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premiere: June 14+15 2019

Venue: Romantso Theatre | Athens, Greece

Score: Amy Summers​


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