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O C T O B E R    3 0 T H    2 0 2 0

 Elements of horror and terror saturate the environment. 

Movement, drama, sound design, and lighting design yield an eerie and ominous atmosphere. 

Fear-inducing attributes surpass expectations - whether in-person or through screen.

This thrilling and immersive dance theatre experience brings fear to the stage to affect not only those performing, but also those experiencing the show. 

Based on research of Total Theatre and the process of generating fear through live dance and theatrical performance, TOTAL FEAR is the capstone project of Katie Burks’ graduate research at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Alongside accompanying published research, the work earned her a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography with distinction.


TOTAL FEAR was presented globally with live, socially distanced performances, COVID-safe small group screenings, and online streaming available for any prioritizing viewing the production from the safety of their homesTo view a full list of production locations, read the creator's notes, and more, View Program.

Production stills 

The livestream of TOTAL FEAR has ended.

 Please visit YouTube or click the button below.

Burks Total Fear.jpg
Burks Total Fear.jpg


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