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A student falls asleep in class only to find endless entertainment within her dreams. Created to present alongside educational outreach in public schools, this fun work is great for children - and adults - of all ages.


"Where do you dance? Do you dance... on a stage?"

(Kids yell out, "Yes!")

"What about... in your room?

Does anyone dance in their room?"

(Hands fly upwards. "I do! I do!")

"What about... when you're sleeping?"

("Nooooo!" Big smiles.)

"You don't dance when you're asleep?! I know 

somebody that dances... in her dreams..."

Number of Dancers: 2

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premiere: February 19th 2012

Venue: George Rowland White Performance Studio | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Music: Vitas

Typical School Day

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